We are currently accepting applications for new instructors for our "Junk to Jewel" classes! 

Meet our Instructors!

(please check back often to meet our newest instructors!)

Robin Hammond:  My name is Robin Hammond, and I created Junkfest Studios to fulfill my dream of creating a fun and joyful place to escape for creative classes, shopping vintage & painted furniture and just plain hanging out with friends, both old and new!   

LeAnne Cummings: I am a Shawnee local and married mom of 2 small children and 2 large fur-babies! Okay. i will admit it... I am slightly addicted to crafting! I am also a big health nut and eco-friendly supporter. I love children and will likely be instructing a lot of "mommy and me" sessions, as well as ones for teenagers and adults! Tie-dye is my favorite! I am loud, fun, and very friendly! I can't wait for you to come visit the studio!  

Lee Hammond: I am a Kansas City based illustrator, and author. I have been a professional artist, and art instructor for more than 30 years, and have been a published author for almost 2 decades with North Light Books. I am currently their best selling author! I am also a certified police composite artist on call for the Kansas City area Police Departments and have been featured on “America’s Most Wanted,” Court TV, and many other crime documentaries. I have also worked with NASCAR doing limited addition driver portraits. Currently, I am working on a new motivational book titled, "Reach" as well as multiple children's books! I looking forward to doing classes at Junkfest Studios! 

Jilli Nel: My concept of art is that it should be unhindered expressions of the soul, allowing the viewer to explore and identify without prompting. From a very early age, living in Scotland and England and later in South Africa, I have felt the need to explore form, either abstract or eclectic and interpret what I feel, more than what I see, on canvas.

My art stems from a need to explore my inner self and to translate my emotions, thoughts and experiences into visual abstracts, not mimicking nature, structure or architecture. It is the emotion behind a sight or a sound which lives on in our subconscious.

This is my groundswell, my inspiration